Simple Birthday Decoration | Hin Bus Depot Estimated cost: RM 1800 ++ (not including location rental & certain food) Theme: Rustic style KĀMÌ special designed a rustic feeling snack bar… Read More


    Tropical theme Party Estimated cost: RM 2800 ++ (not including location rental & certain food) KĀMÌ special designed a dessert bar in tropical style to indicates a young, wild, free… Read More


    Christmas Countdown Party | Utopia Cafe Estimated cost: RM10,000++ The “First Snow in Utopia Cafe” is the theme of this countdown event. Although there was no real snow in Malaysia,… Read More

  • Paper Flower Backdrop

    Paper Flower Backdrop| Kim Hee BM Restaurant Estimated cost: RM2000++ (not including location rental & food) Stage backdrop & photo booth design with paper flower concept. Nude pink, champagne gold,… Read More

  • Black & Gold Party

    Black & Gold Party | Ixora Hotel Estimated cost: RM2000++(not including location rental) The group of elite women was having their second celebration party. This time, we sat the theme… Read More

  • Gala Dinner & Grand Opening

    Gala Dinner & Grand Opening | The Top Komtar Grand Opening estimated cost: RM10,000++ Gala Dinner estimated cost: RM100,000++ (not including food & location rental) It was a big day,… Read More

  • Register of marriage(ROM)

    Register of marriage | Ikan Kurau Homestay Estimated cost:  RM7500++ (not including location rental & food) The register of marriage (ROM) was held at a very lovely homestay at Kuala… Read More

  • Mid-Autumn Barbecue Party

    Mid-Autumn Barbecue Party | Utopia Cafe Estimated cost: RM1800 ++ (not including certain food) The party was held on the rooftop of utopia cafe. We prepared barbecue skewer in multiple… Read More

  • Garden Birthday Party

    Garden Birthday Party Estimated cost: RM 1800 ++ (not including location rental & certain food) Theme:High Tea x Birthday The location of the party is set in the courtyard of… Read More

  • Friends Gathering

    Friends Gathering | Avani Sepang Beach Estimated cost: RM 1200 ++ Theme of this friends gathering is “爱在精英”, literally means love in the elite. This party is held at the… Read More


    Wedding Night | The Barn estimated cost: RM 25,000++ (not including location rental & food) Jing wants her wedding party night to be like friends & family gathering, she hopes… Read More