KFC Birthday Party

Save money and celebrate your Birthday Party at KFC !!

Who says celebrate a birthday party at KFC is very “uncool”? Well, you must be so wrong!! In this hectic world, everyone is pursuing fast and convenient. And now, you know you can hold your birthday that way too? Especially for parents who have a busy schedule, yet still wants their kids to have some memorable moments during their birthday. You might think “Serious? Set up on my own? Fast? This must be impossible! If yes, then should be not that presentable one.” Uh-uh, you got yourself wrong, you can do it perfectly, you know?

Let me introduce you this little tips, the MINI KAMI PARTY EASY PACK, where affordable meets aesthetic. Consist of all the party essentials that you need, such as tableware and decoration pieces. Most importantly, they are all in style!! Just unbox it and arrange accordingly on the table, order your favourite dishes and put them on the setup.

A small reminder, KFC is not allowed customers to stick things on their wall, so make sure you don’t break their rules. Moreover, don’t forget to bring a cake, as people always demand some sweet after a meal, and you don’t want to disappoint the birthday person right?

And….Voilà, it’s done! Now you got your delicious and presentable snack bar, which is also a photo-worthy one, make sure you take some photos and post on your social media.

This party pack is available in 2 themes and 3 styles, and we are also open for customization. So, pick your preferred one, we will deliver it right to your door!! Oh ya, instead of KFC, maybe you can also try out others fast food point.

Let’s get the party started!!       
KFC Birthday Party



想让自己拥有一个好吃又好玩的生日派对吗? 筹办一个生日派对总是需要花上不少的时间和金钱,今天让我们来为大家安利一个方便又便宜的方案,那就是MINI KAMI懒人包+快餐美食。如果你跟我们一样,喜欢方便快捷又有主题的派对,就一定要看我们如何在KFC(当然其他快餐店也可以)举办了一个小型的生日派对!

生日,没有生日礼物没有生日蛋糕没有生日派对算什么生日呢? 搞个蛋糕再到附近的便利商店买来的杯型蛋糕。甜点搞定,只差快餐美食。大家可以依照想吃的食物购买然后放进餐设盘中。

小小的温馨提醒:我们所在的KFC是不允许在墙壁上粘上任何的装饰品(原先我们想要在墙上挂上横幅拉旗),所以大家在麦当劳(McDonald’s),达美乐比萨饼(Domino’s Pizza),必胜客(Pizza Hut)或者其他的快餐店布置之前要记得提前询问工作人员。

此派对懒人包有2种主题和3种样式。选择你喜欢的主题与样式 , 我们将懒人包直接送到你的家门前 。当然,我们也可以接受特别定制。还有还有📣在快餐店过生日一点都不幼稚!不要再说只有小孩才会去快餐店办生日会!(大声怒喊)

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KĀMÌ 嘎覓 : Fast Food Birthday Party Decoration


— KAMI event planner

编写 = KAMI Event Planning & Design
场地推荐 = KFC, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, others
影片商品 = S size | Pinkish Blush | Princess Castle
购买链接 = Official Party Shop, Lazada Party Shop, Shopee Party Shop

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