Sagittarius Wedding

Sagittarius Wedding | Bohemian Style

The adventurous Sagittarius loves an outdoor wedding, full of rich colour and bohemian details. If they can’t have a destination wedding (They’re the traveller of the zodiac, after all), they’ll opt to bring in their favourite destinations and inspirations into their wedding décor. They love to have friends and family meet, so they prefer cosy/non-fussy details like a buffet, a fully stocked bar, and a DJ where people can request their favourite tunes. And it’s all about comfort for this bride—they love shoes and a dress they can actually move/dance in. For the palette, they love bright, sassy colours and cool prints that will make their tablescape stand out.


Sagittarius wedding style
Sagittarius wedding inspiration

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【KĀMÌ 嘎覓 ⭐ 星座系列 Wedding Horoscope】

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