Wedding Ceremony Tips

Wedding Ceremony tips for a couple

As a wedding planner and decorator, we found that there are a lot of clients out there have zero knowledge about the wedding flow and section that consists of a wedding. In spite of straight hiring professionals, we suggest that client to do some research and look for more wedding inspiration to have a rough idea of what they really want and need. Below is a simple wedding ceremony tips.

Basically, a wedding event consists of the photo album corner, reception, cocktail session, photobooth, stage and the dining area.

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1. Photo album corner:

This is the section that first attain to the guest, normally there will be a welcome board to lead the crowd. On the design aspect, to make a clear indication is crucial, some basic info like the bride and groom’s names need to be stated or placing of a wedding photo of the couple so that the guests know that they are coming to the right place. On the other hand, the pre-wedding photo album of the couple will also place there for the guests to have a look. 

2. Reception:

The reception works as an information counter on a wedding, this is a place where guests can check out their table and seat number. Generally, the close friends or relatives of the couple will be assigned to look after the reception. Furthermore, guests may also hand over their angpow or gifts there. Some sweets or door gift might also be placed there for the kids and guests. 

However, if you have limited space or tight budget, you might also combine both photo album corner and reception. Create a counter that suit for both functions, which is also a typical Malaysian way. 

3. Cocktail session:

Before the dinner starts, there will be a cocktail session outside the event hall. At the area, there will fill with cocktail tables, so the guests can gather there has a little chit-chat. We suggest putting a small table centrepiece to decorate the cocktail tables. Meanwhile, guests will be enjoying some refreshment. At the time, finger foods, canapes, desserts and fruits will be served as well as some alcoholic beverages. 

4. Photo Booth:

This is one of the most important areas where the couple always put a higher budget on decoration. Mostly, a photographer will be hired to take charge of the shooting at the booth, which helps to create a stunning image. It is also an ice-breaking moment for the couple and the guests, which is a fun way to record down the moment and seize the memory for life. Apart from that, a photo booth is also a part to enhance the atmosphere. 

5. Stage:

The stage is the most eye-catching place in a wedding, whereby the couple can have their spotlight when they are on it. There is plenty of ceremony and programs will be happening on the stage, such as vows exchange, toasting, cake cutting and so on.  

6. The Dining Area: 

A dining area is a place whereby the guest spends most of their time. Hence, comfortable seats and atmosphere are crucial at this point. Indeed, both long table or round table settings are suitable according to the couple’s preferences. To enhance the atmosphere, normally there will have their centre walkway decorated and extend to the main table.

For the venue aspect, most of the guest will choose an indoor venue, especially a hotel hall. Due to there often provides a better interior as well to avoid any weather issue. In fact, make sure that you have your canopy on if you are having an outdoor wedding, especially when you are in Malaysia since nobody wants to look like a drowned rat right?


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wedding ceremony tips | photo album corner



wedding ceremony tips | reception



wedding ceremony tips | cocktail session



wedding ceremony tips | photo booth



wedding ceremony tips | stage


宴会区就是除了舞台以外的地方,从拱门到主人座通常备有一道常常的红地毯和引路装饰成为新人们进场的主要通道。其次就是吃饭的地方,除了在主人桌设计外现在越来越多婚礼都会在宾客的桌子上做一个小小的设计让整体氛围更加美好。 餐桌上也可以由普通的圆桌换成长桌 。

wedding ceremony tips | table centrepiece
wedding ceremony tips | the dining table


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