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A wedding is a ceremony in which two souls in love vow to spend their lives together for the rest of life. It is an intimate union where happen to two individuals. A wedding ceremony is an adorable thing which happens to the couple. They share their love and happiness with their family and friends. It can be in a wide variety of ways by tailored to the couple from their personality, preferences, culture to their religious belief.

Wedding Planner is work to make an event worry free yet memorable. As a wedding consultant, we meet with clients to understand the vision of their wedding. Next, we discuss with our team and plan to action.  Our role is not merely a wedding planner, but also a coordinator, designer, artisan, moderator. And also a budget controller to ensure the wedding go smoothly.

Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline

To skip all the headache, you might just need to follow our checklist that we came out after tons of survey and experiences. We ease the procedure and arrange on a monthly basis, all you need is to finish the task accordingly. 

wedding ceremony tips

Wedding Ceremony Tips for a new couple

If you have zero knowledge about the wedding flow and section that consists of a wedding, click on the button below to understand more about simple wedding ceremony tips.

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the wedding
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